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Two new columns

In New Column by John Tebbutt

I’ve got two new installments of the “If You Can’t Say Something Nice” column right here! Thanks,! Part Three: MIRACLE ON CHRISTMAS LAKE   Part Four: KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES More to come!    

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New column!

In New Column, News by John Tebbutt

Check it out! I’m writing a brand new Video Vulture column for Mike Bell’s new Arts & Culture website, TheYYScene!  Keep up for the next few weeks, as I try desperately to think of nice things to say about all the bad movies I saw in 2016! First up: GODS OF EGYPT. Oh, yeah. Click here, and enjoy!    

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The Worst Oscar Winner of All Time

In From the Vault by John Tebbutt

  Have you heard of the Academy Award-winning film The Crunch Bird (1971)? It’s a two-minute-long cartoon based on an off-colour joke. Here, let me save you the Googling and describe the entire film: So a woman is looking for a gift for her hard-to-please husband. She spots a mean-looking bird in a pet shop. The pet shop guy tells …