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Burkes and Hares

In From the Vault by John Tebbutt

How do you like your bodysnatching movies? Classy; sexy; or featuring 007 and Jean-Luc Picard? Does anybody remember The Bride (1985)? It’s a remake of The Bride of Frankenstein, re-imagined as a feminist parable, with Sting in the role of Doctor Frankenstein, and Flashdance’s Jennifer Beals as his hot female monster. Clancy Brown’s in there too, as Frankenstein’s original monster, …

The Video Vulture Survival Guide for 19th Century Floozies

In From the Vault by John Tebbutt

Keeping women of negotiable virtue safe since 1828!   Having just watched The Flesh And The Fiends (1960) and the 1932 version of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde in one day, I have come to two conclusions: Number one: these are both really, really good movies. Seriously, you have to rent them. Like, right now. Number two: the heroines of …